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2014-2015 Staff

Greg Livingstone

I am Greg Livingstone. I am a sophomore at Thornton-Donovan School. I enjoy repairing cars and stuff around the home. I also enjoy playing guitars and modifying them. Music is one of the many things I cherish in my life. I love...

Ben Malejko

Ben Malejko is a fourth grade student at T-D school. His teacher is Mrs. Pugliese. He lives at home in Pelham. He has a brother named Tim and a sister named Lila. He hates school and loves video games. His favorite food is...

Ashleigh Woodruff

Hi, my name is Ashleigh. I've just started writing for the Overlook Journal. I have been in Thornton-Donovan for four years. I'm in fourth grade now. My home room teacher is Mrs.Pugliese. My favorite sport is soccer. When I g...

Luke Hughes

Luke is in the fourth grade at Thornton-Donovan School. His hobbies are skiing, playing the piano, baseball, street hockey and video games. His two favorite video games are Assassin's Creed and Dangerous Hunts 2009. Luke skies...

Tyler Boglitz

Tyler Boglitz is a fourth grader at Thornton-Donovan. He is ten years old. He has two siblings: Alexa, who is 13, and Spencer, who is 15. He is very skilled at all his subjects like social studies and math. Tyler likes to play...

Philippe deGramont

Philippe was born in California. I like to play video games. I go to Thornton-Donovan School. I'm in fourth grade. This is my first year here. My homeroom teacher is Mrs. Pugliese and my math and science teacher is Mrs....

Madeline Bramel

Madeline Bramel has been a student at Thornton-Donovan since Feb. 2, 2015. She is in the fifth grade class and in sixth grade math.

Yuriy Sandmeier

Yuriy Sandmeier is a student in the fifth grade classroom. He has been at Thornton-Donavan since third grade, but has skipped fourth grade. His favorite subject is math. In math, they are finishing the order of operations. His...

Jaden Seabrook

Jaden Seabrook is a fourth grade student at Thornton-Donovan school. He is skilled at math, grammar, science and basketball. Basketball is his favorite sport. He has won a championship in basketball and has won a championship...

Lewis Williams

Lewis Williams goes to Thornton-Donovan. He has been here since third grade. He likes math, science and football. He is good at football. He has two brothers.

Nikki Cuzzi

Nikki Cuzzi is a fifth grader at Thornton-Donovan. She has been there since Kindergarten. She's 11 years old and has four siblings. Her favorite subject is math. She also really likes social studies. Also she has a cute little...

Lucca Ardizzone-West

Lucca is 11 and is new to Thornton-Donovan. Lucca takes ukulele lessons from Mr. Goodman, who is the music teacher at T-D. Lucca loves to draw and enjoys writing stories. She hopes to be an artist one day.

Timothy Malejko

Timothy Malejko is a student. He is talented in math, grammar and soccer. Soccer is his favorite sport. Next year he hopes to join the team. Finally, he is awesomely amazing.

Sofia C. Vargas-Arcia

Hi. My name is Sofia C. Vargas-Arcia. I'm currently in fifth grade, and this is my first year in Thornton-Donovan. This was probably the best decision I've ever made—coming here. The thing I like about T-D is that everyone accepts you...

Ashley Antoniou

Hi, I am Ashley. I am in fifth grade. I enjoy playing basketball and soccer. I have a dog. Her name is Sasha. My favorite subjects are composition and social studies. I love singing. Lastly, I love my crazy loud Greek family.

Annie Macphee

I have been at T-D for four years. My experience has been amazing. All the teachers at this school are so nice and really understand when you need help. When you are mad and feeling a little under the weather, the teachers will...

Marygrace Iannacito

Hi, I am Marygrace. I am in fifth grade. I play volleyball. I have two dogs named Teddy and Thunder. Teddy is a Maltase and Thunder is a German Shepherd. I play the ukulele and the piano. I love the color turquoise.

William Giegerich

William Giegerich was born in the year 2004 in the Bronx, New York. He is in fifth grade and also has a mom, dad and sister. He loves cats, and he has three.

Errol Lipton

Errol was born in New York City at Mount Sinai Hospital (not actually on a mountain). He is now a reporter for the Overlook Journal and very excited about doing articles. So excited that he can't get the words out of his mout...

Lakoi Takona

Hello. My name is Lakoi Takona. I am a senior at Thornton Donovan School and have been writing for the school newspaper since ninth grade. Some of my hobbies include reading, watching and playing soccer (I am currently on the...

Quincy A. Campbell

Quincy Alexander Campbell is a 17 year old reporter in 12th grade. He is currently the Overlook Journal's Head Managing Editor. Quincy previously lived in the Caribbean country of Belize for four years and attended Belize...

Jordan Campbell

Jordan Campbell is in 9th grade and recently moved here from Belize, Central America. She is a musician, swim instructor, and former life guard. Jordan enjoys community service and volunteering. She loves listening to music...

Lorenzo Gazzola

I am in 11th grade, and I have been writing for the newspaper for about five years. I enjoy writing, playing sports, and traveling the world.

Noah Vicencio

I'm currently a junior and have been writing for the newspaper since eighth grade.  I like The Replacements and Tom & Jerry.

Liam Gorbutt

Liam Gorbutt hails from Somers, NY. When not hanging out at the comic store, you can find him at any trendy restaurant writing the latest Overlook Journal restaurant review. Liam graduates in 2018.

Issy Rhodes

Hi, I'm Issy! I'm a freshman and I've been at Thornton Donovan since fifth grade. I'm a photographer for the newspaper. I've been part of the newspaper since seventh grade.

Angelo Valentine

Grade: 12 Writing since Grade 11 I am Angelo. I love linguistics, speak German and Russian, and my life consists primarily of video games, Norse mythology, and food. I write lots.

Andrew Telesco

My name is Andrew Telesco, age 16. I like Peyton Manning, Notre Dame, and mostly The New York Rangers. I have been writing for the newspaper since the 9th grade and have been going to this school since Kindergarten.

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