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2017-2018 Staff

Mila Mabhongo

Staff Reporter, Copy Editor

Mila Mabhongo is a newly recruited writer of the Overlook Journal. She joined Thornton Donovan in January of 2017, and is now a High School freshman. She loves music and creativity and enjoys spending time with and meeting people...

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Kristen Narain

Copy Editor, Staff Reporter

Kristen Narain is a freshman at Thornton Donovan School. She has loved the school ever since she started in 3rd grade. She is a copy editor and journalist for the Overlook Journal. Her favorite activities are drawing, writing,...

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Solana Gagliano

Staff Reporter

Solana Gagliano is a sophomore at Thornton-Donovan School. She joined the T-D family in eighth grade and ever since then she has visited many parts of the world with the school including: Iceland, Denmark, and Cuba. She is hopin...

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Taylor Marsico

Staff Reporter

Taylor joined Thornton Donovan last March as a freshman, and is currently a sophomore. She is one of the staff reporters at the Overlook  Journal. She often writes articles on current events in politics. Taylor enjoys writing...

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Timothy Goldsmith

Staff Reporter

Timothy Goldsmith is a news reporter for the Overlook Journal. He is currently a freshman at Thornton-Donovan School. Timothy has been part of the Thornton-Donovan family since he was in kindergarten and is always finding ways...

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Olivia Cahill

Staff Reporter, Graphic Designer

Olivia Cahill is a sophomore at Thornton-Donovan and is a staff reporter and graphic designer for the Overlook Journal. In the future, Olivia aspires to be a graphic designer. She enjoys various science classes, Tom and Jerry,...

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Brianna Henry

Staff Reporter

Brianna R. Henry is a 14-year old sophomore at Thornton-Donovan, with cultural roots that come straight from the island nation of Jamaica. She holds the position of staff reporter on The Overlook Journal. She came straight from T...

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Jordan Drew

Staff Reporter

Jordan Drew, a junior here at Thornton-Donovan School, is one of the many writers for the Overlook Journal. He enjoys being active in school, and is a member of T-D's rugby team. Jordan is fascinated with computers and can be f...

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Rebecca Sparer

Staff Reporter

Rebecca Sparer is a sophomore reporter for The Overlook Journal. She transferred to Thornton Donovan last March from White Plains High School. Her favorite classes are the ones related to music. She is an aspiring poet and public...

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Lena Blumberg

Staff Reporter

Lena Blumberg is a sophomore at Thornton Donovan. She is a writer for the Overlook Journal and part of the cheerleading squad. Outside of school, Lena enjoys ballet classes. When she grows up she wants to be a fashion designer....

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Amber Corbett

Staff Reporter

Amber Corbett is a junior at T-D. She has been at Thornton Donovan since sixth grade and has traveled on a few of the school’s trips. As a reporter for the Overlook Journal, she is one half of the dynamic duo that writes th...

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Cecile McIntosh

Staff Reporter, Chief of Staff

Cecile McIntosh is a part of the Overlook Journal team as a staff reporter. She is currently in her senior year at Thornton- Donovan.  She mainly writes articles based off of interviews with students and teachers from the T-D famil...

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Antonea Rufa

Staff Reporter

Antonea Rufa is a freshman at Thornton Donovan. She devotes quite a lot of her spare time writing questionable fiction stories, watching Seinfeld, taking photos, and wondering if her Overlook Journal profile information is at all i...

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Isabella Graziano

Copy Editor

Hi, I’m Isabella Graziano. I’m a freshman at Thornton Donovan school, and currently work as copy editor for the school newspaper. I hope to soon be a part of the student council, working to help the students at TD voice their...

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Xavier Rogers

Staff Reporter

Xavier Rogers is currently in his junior year at T-D. He is a reporter for the Overlook Journal and usually writes articles relating to the school rugby team. When he's not playing rugby or writing articles, he's likely using...

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Quincy A. Campbell

Managing Editor

Quincy Alexander Campbell is a 15 year old reporter in 10th grade. He is currently the Overlook Journal's Head Managing Editor. Quincy previously lived in the Caribbean country of Belize for four years and attended Belize...

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