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T- D’s Student Council Delivery Day

T- D's Student Council Delivery Day

By: Cecile McIntosh, Writer

April 19, 2018

During the month of March, Thornton-Donovan School’s Student Council sponsored a food drive where they collected nonperishable items like peanut butter, canned tuna, and canned beans. Their goal was to fill four boxes, but they exceeded the goal and filled six boxes. These donations were given HOPE...

To Parkland from T-D with Love

To Parkland from T-D with Love

By: Mila Mabhongo, Staff Reporter

April 7, 2018

On the afternoon of February 14, 2018, a 19 year-old ex-student walked onto the grounds of Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, committed one of the world’s deadliest school massacres. He opened fire on students and faculty, killing 17 people and sending 14 more to the hospital...

Gun Law Debate: The Edge of the Coin

Gun Law Debate: The Edge of the Coin

By: Liam Gorbutt, Staff Reporter

April 7, 2018

In light of the recent increase in school shootings in America, most recently in Parkland, Florida where 17 students were shot and killed by a lone student gunman, a new cycle of debate, protest and discussion has erupted considering the laws and ethics in gun ownership. Generally, this issue concerns...

The March That Never Was

The March That Never Was

By: Grace Kretzmer, Staff Reporter

April 5, 2018

On March 14, the majority of Thornton-Donovan School’s student body met outside to protest gun violence and honor the 17 students who lost their lives in the Stoneman Douglas High School shooting. “The walkout showed that students at T-D have a fighting spirit, and they deserve further outli...

Mrs. Johnson Enters The T-D Family!

By: Molly Cummings, Staff Reporter

April 4, 2018

T-D welcomes a variety of new students, teachers, and classes this year. An Iona professor, Ms. Johnson, teaches one of the more interesting classes, animation. The Overlook Journal had the pleasure of talking to her about her experiences in teaching. Mrs. Johnson has been teaching for a little less...

Shootings and Students: Remembering 2018’s Tragic Events

Shootings and Students: Remembering 2018's Tragic Events

By: Timothy Goldsmith, Staff Reporter

April 3, 2018

In the brief time since the start of 2018, 20 people have been tragically killed and 30 have been wounded in over 17 shootings. Sadly, too many of these shootings have been on the grounds of schools. This article will be split up into several sections, deadly shootings or shootings with wounded students...

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