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Student’s Methods of Relaxing for Exams

Student's Methods of Relaxing for Exams

By: Lena Blumberg, Staff Reporter

November 18, 2016

With quarterly exams coming up, I talked to some high school students to see how they relax and deal with stress. The first person I interviewed was sophomore Romi D’Annunzio. She told me that she likes to listen to music and draw to calm down. She also informed me that before she takes the tests,...

Remembering the 2016 Presidential Campaign

Remembering the 2016 Presidential Campaign

By: Taylor Marsico, Staff Reporter

November 17, 2016

After numerous primary elections were held throughout the country, Hillary Clinton emerged as the Democratic Party’s nominee while Donald Trump secured the Republican Party’s nomination for the 2016 election. Conversely, each holds the distinction of the two most unpopular candidates in modern American...

Senior Starts T-D’s First Student Council

Senior Starts T-D's First Student Council

By: Solana Gagliano, Staff Reporter

November 16, 2016

Senior, Femi Copeland, decided to create Thornton-Donovan’s first ever student council led by herself and social studies teacher, Ms.Coffin. I met with her this week to discuss her thoughts on this new addition. “The reason why I created the student council is because I wanted to come up with ...

Girls’ Volleyball: The Battle against EF Academy

Girls’ Volleyball: The Battle against EF Academy

By: Mabel Takona, Staff Reporter

November 14, 2016

EF Academy’s volleyball players are not strangers to T-D’s Lions. In fact, T-D played and lost against the team during their last volleyball season in the fall of 2015. However, this year, after weeks of practice, hard work, and winning numerous games prior, the Lions put in their best work. It ...

Senior Returns From Italy…With Friends

Senior Returns From Italy...With Friends

By: Solana Gagliano, Staff Reporter

November 11, 2016

Nikki D’Annunzio, a Thornton-Donovan School senior, recently returned from Italy with a group of Italian exchange students. I interviewed her to find out her impressions about the country. Q: Where did you stay in Italy? D’Annunzio: Arezzo, Tuscany. It's in central Italy. Q: How long did y...

Rugby Game Ends in Stalemate

Rugby Game Ends in Stalemate

By: Xavier Rogers, Staff Reporter

November 10, 2016

I'd like to call the first game we played at Keio Academy on October 30th, a “learning curve”. The team that we played against was very prepared and had a solid defense and offense. As we went through the game, we picked up on the things that needed improvement for the second and third games of t...

Back from Belize: Student’s Share Their Experience

Back from Belize: Student's Share Their Experience

By: Antonea Rufa, Staff Reporter

November 10, 2016

In the midst of this past October, a few of Thornton-Donovan's high school students were given the opportunity to travel in a group of eight to Belize, a country known for its many beautiful destinations. The students arrived on October 16, where they were given a warm welcome by their host familie...

Another Win for the Lions!

Another Win for the Lions!

By: Kristen Narain, Staff Reporter

November 10, 2016

On Tuesday, November 1, TD’s volleyball team played a rematch against the New York School of the Deaf (NYSD). Many parents, teachers, and even our school headmaster, Mr. Flemming, came to the home game to support both teams. After a long and tiring match, the Lions won three out of the four sets play...

T-D Shows it’s Talent at October’s Arts House

By: Olivia Cahill, Staff Reporter

November 9, 2016

The Arts House Café is an evening where Thornton-Donovan School students get up on stage and showcase their talents to parents and fellow students. Organized by Mr. Goodman, T-D’s music teacher, this year’s first Art’s House took place in the New Rochelle Public Library on Friday, October 28. ...

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