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Print edition: What do Kindergartners think of Thornton-Donovan?

By: Lekhaa Singh, Madeline Bramel, and Sofia Vargas-Arcia June 10, 2015

The Kindergartners at Thornton-Donovan love the school and all the activities that go on in their classroom. Many Kindergartners enjoy T-D for all the crafts they get to do and the many opportunities...

Print edition: Thornton-Donovan’s first sports dinner honors players on new teams

By: Madeline Bramel, Staff Reporter June 10, 2015

BRONXVILLE, NY -- A dinner party for students and their parents was held on May 29 from 7-9 pm at a local church to give awards to Thornton-Donovan's athletes. The Lions Athletic Banquet was for...

Print edition: Middle school holds dance In White House

By: Lucca Ardizzone-west and Marygrace Iannacito June 10, 2015

THE WHITE HOUSE -- If you are in fifth, sixth or seventh grade, you were invited to the Middle School Dance, which was set for June 12 from 7-9 pm, after this issue of the Overlook Journal went to...

Print edition: Lower school graduation ceremony set for basketball court

By: Nikki Cuzzi, Staff Reporter June 10, 2015

BASKETBALL COURT -- There will be a graduation ceremony for the Lower School on June 17. At the ceremony, there will awards for each student in every grade for there personalities and awards for the...

Print edition: Lower school excited about new grades, teachers, opportunities

By: Ashley Antinou and Sofia Vargas-Arcia June 10, 2015

Summer is coming and all the Thornton-Donovan Lower School students are excited to have a new grade, new teachers and new opportunities ahead. When T-D is on break students and teachers go their separate...

Print edition: duct tape craze sweeping fifth grade

By: Errol Lipton, Staff Reporter June 10, 2015

THORNTON-DONAVON -- Ever heard about duct-tape bow ties? No? How about duct-tape purses? No? Well, some girls in fifth grade are giving duct tape art a serious try. "We make bows for Kindergartners...

Thornton-Donovan's Vikings conquer the incredible landscape of Iceland

Thornton-Donovan’s Vikings conquer the incredible landscape of Iceland

By: Yuriy Sandmeier, Staff Reporter June 6, 2015

ICELAND — Thornton-Donovan left school on April 6 to conquer another country, Iceland. On the first day in Iceland, T-D went to the Guna Geyser. We visited the bridge between the continents. The...

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