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Lower School students rave about playing Minecraft

Lower School students rave about playing Minecraft

By: Timothy Malejko, Staff Reporter May 27, 2015

"Do you play Minecraft?" Is that something you hear a lot? It should be, because Minecraft is the game sensation sweeping the nation. There are four game modes in Minecraft. They include Creative...

Lower School visits Scandinavian sites in NY’s Central Park

Nature called, but not in the way you think. The Lower School went to Central Park to have a picnic, watch a puppet show and see the Ugly Duckling statue. On May 19, Kindergarten through fifth grade...

A comic strip

By: Luke Hughes, Ben Malejko May 20, 2015

Grades 3 and 4 share music class; most like it

By: By William Giegerich, Staff Reporter May 20, 2015

Grades three and four have music class together. There are differing opinions on this. Seven out of eight interviewed like being in the same music class. Philippe deGramont, the one who voted...

Hiroshima visitors perform music that transports T-D students

By: Ashley Antoniou, Staff Reporter May 20, 2015

The fifth grade was allowed to go with the sixth through 12th grades to see a performance by The Hiroshima Hougaku Federation. The fifth graders enjoyed this opportunity to join the Upper School...

Michelle de Angelis will perform at T-D’s first Alumni Arts House Cafe

By: Annie Macphee, Nikki Cuzzi, and May 20, 2015

The Alumni Arts House Café will take place at the White House on May 31. The alumni café is a special arts house where graduates of T-D will come back and show there talents. Mr. Fleming, the...

Fifth grade reads 'The Egypt Game,' story of two girls who invent something special

Fifth grade reads ‘The Egypt Game,’ story of two girls who invent something special

By: Marygrace Iannacito, Lucca Ardizzone-West, and May 3, 2015

The fifth graders are enjoying the wonderful story "The Egypt Game." "The Egypt Game" is the story of two girls named April and Melanie who make a special place that is based off of Egypt in the backlot...

Fourth graders share views on hobbies and favorite subjects

By: Lewis Williams and Tyler Boglitz May 3, 2015

The Overlook Journal surveyed the fourth grade class to learn more about them. These are the interviews with the class. Benjamin Malejko How long have you been at Thornton-Donovan? I  have...

Fifth grade’s busy year includes fractions, Cold War and Cuban Missile Crisis

The fifth graders are working hard in many areas. The students working on multiplying and dividing fractions. They are are also moving on to a five-paragraph essay. The fifth graders started a...

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