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Thornton-Donovan starts tennis program as newest sport

By: Yuriy Sandmeier and Timothy Malejko March 31, 2015

Thornton-Donovan's newest sport is tennis. Many people are looking forward to playing. There are two groups in the program. One is for the Lower School (K-5) and one is for the Upper School (6-12)....

Spring arrives at Thornton-Donovan and students get to play outside

By: Lucca Ardizzone-West and Ashley Antoniou March 31, 2015

After being cooped up inside for about two or three months, the students of Thornton-Donovan are finally getting to play outside. Spring is here, and the Lower School has been waiting for a while. The...

Trio: The next big app in social media

Trio: The next big app in social media

By: Stephanie Ryzyk, Managing Editor March 25, 2015

For the past decade, people worldwide have turned to social media as an important platform for communication and expression; whether by posting photos of interesting activities or updating their life statuses,...

Young scientists, including fifth graders, bring projects to science fair

By: Madeline Bramel and Lekhaa Singh March 24, 2015

The young scientists at Thornton-Donovan showed what they could do March 6 at the annual science fair for the fifth through 12th grades. There were many interesting projects, and the judges were fascinated. One...

'Pitch Perfect 2' brings back a cappella group, this time in international contest

‘Pitch Perfect 2’ brings back a cappella group, this time in international contest

By: Nikki Cuzzi and Marygrace Iannacito March 24, 2015

"Pitch Perfect 2," a PG-13 movie out May 15, is about an a cappella group that enters an international competition that no American group has ever won. The movie was directed by Elizabeth Banks. Some...

Lower School celebrates Green Day with cupcakes, cookies and the Irish jig

By: Annie Macphee and Sofia Vargas-Arcia March 24, 2015

This year at Thornton-Donovan, the Lower School had a small celebration for Green Day (also known as St. Patrick's Day). For Green Day, the lower grades had a blast. They ate cupcakes and cookies....

Thornton-Donavon’s book fair draws lots of happy readers

By: Errol Lipton, Staff Reporter March 24, 2015

Thornton-Donavon's book fair ended, and the outcome was impressive. Students lined up to buy books, money was given and lots of happy readers left with books they wanted. Thornton-Donavon worked in...

Fifth grade students create boards with pictures and drawings of Denmark

Fifth grade students create boards with pictures and drawings of Denmark

By: Ashley Antoniou and Lucca Ardizzone-West March 24, 2015

Denmark is catching the minds of the Lower School kids. For the fifth grade, a Denmark project is due March 30. For this project, you can either draw or print a picture of a place the class is studying...

Thornton-Donovan kids enjoy fairy tale movie ‘Into The Woods’

By: Madeline Bramel, Staff Reporter March 24, 2015

"Into The Woods" is a good movie, according to the kids at T-D. Many students have seen the movie or really want to. "My favorite character is the Baker's Wife," Ashley Antoniou said. The story...

Ms. Pugliese became T-D’s new fourth grade teacher this year

By: Lewis Williams and Philippe DeGramont March 24, 2015

Ms. Assunta Pugliese became the new fourth grade teacher this year. She gave the the Overlook Journal and interview. How do like teaching? I adore teaching. I love to learn and love my students. What...

Our informal survey says students love Thornton-Donovan

By: William Giegerich , Staff Reporter March 23, 2015

Students love Thornton-Donovan School. Most people this reporter interviewed can't think of anything wrong with the school. "It challenges you to get good grades," said Lewis Williams. Lucca...

T-D students visited the Danish Seaman's Church in Brooklyn.

Glory Days: T-D feels spirit at America’s Danish church for sailors

By: Angelo Valentine, Staff Reporter March 22, 2015

BROOKLYN — On the final day of Glory Days’ week, we visited a small Danish church in Brooklyn. This is the only Danish church in America, founded by Rasmussen Andersen as a way to build the church...

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