A Letter of Praise for the Overlook Journal

By: Kiyomi Wilks

I heard about your school from my good friend Sam Paris, a former student of Thornton-Donovan. Sam and I attend Bard College at Simon’s Rock together, and he has told me many wonderful things about your school. I am currently one semester away from receiving my B.A. from Simon’s Rock with a dual major in Politics, Ethics & Aesthetics and Contemporary Critical Theory, as well as a minor in Spanish & Latin American Studies.

I am very interested in what I have learned about your school, particularly in the diverse curriculum and rich treatment of culture that Thornton-Donovan offers. As a half-Japanese, half-Jewish woman who grew up in rural New Mexico, I found your students’ work in the Overlook Journal, which was available for download on your website, to be impressive. I have a background working with Latin American immigrants and asylum seekers as a translator and legal aide, so seeing students who are so actively engaged in issues of global awareness and diversity was a delightful surprise for me.



Kiyomi Wilks

Student of Bard College at Simon’s Rock