Dear Overlooker Overlookers

By: Douglas E. Fleming, Headmaster

Special thanks to all those responsible for this school year’s first edition of the Overlook Journal. It was the single most impressive edition I’ve ever read in my two score and seven years of headmastering.

I recently received an email from Kiyomi Wilks , someone I clearly did not know. Wilks knows of T-D through former student, Sam Paris, who was a real T-D fav.

Sam told Kiyomi all about T-D and thus T-D, Paris, and Wilks are all connected.  A copy of the email appears below.

T-D always produces more news than the website can keep up with and that the T-D’s media mavens or young scribes can create.

As years go by, you will realize that you are in one of the most unique and unusual academic settings where daring to be wise goes on eachand every day.

Glory Days for grades 9-12 begins right after midterms, the first week in February to be exact. There isn’t a school in all of America that explores the spiritual world like T-D does.

Keep the ink flowing and stay holy my friends.