Answering the Timeless Question of ‘What Should We Eat?’

Eighth grader Liam Gorbutt, an avowed vegetarian, dishes on some restaurants in and out of Westchester County that offer delectable dishes for both the veggie and non-veggie alike.

By: Liam Gorbutt, Journalist

Jolo’s Kitchen

412 N Ave.

New Rochelle, NY

I recently found this hidden gem on North Ave. while on a search for an affordable yet decadent vegetarian restaurant in New Rochelle and am I lucky…yes!  While I did find the lack of noise frustrating, the food made up for it. I personally tried the “Tofu Jerk Patties,” and they did not disappoint with a warm, almost melt-in-your-mouth flavor with a hint of chili and paprika for a kick. My partner in crime, Finn, had the Smoked “Duck” (Tofu); being a non-veggie, he told me that it was the best duck he ever tasted and he has been all over Asia… until I told him it wasn’t duck! It was cooked with onions and peppers and the kitchens special lima beans, which gave it an extra sweetness. With the kitchens great service, atmosphere, and price ($20 with tip), this is a must go for vegetarians and meat-eaters alike!


Purdy’s Farmer & The Fish

100 Titicus Rd.

North Salem, NY

It being only 20 minutes from my hometown I find myself coming back again and again for the food and the service of a great farm to table restaurant. When you arrive at the “Farmer’s Fish” as it is often called by regulars and employees, you seem to be arriving at a farm, but that’s the trick it is! The Farmer’s Fish produces 3 out of 4 of all of its foods on its on site farm which leads to an organic, great-tasting meal. I had the “Farmer’s Salad” with straight out of the ground garden radish, pickled red onions, feta, kalamata olives & pine nuts; I found the pine nuts a tad bitter but it was an overall great salad. My stepfather and my mother shared two smaller meals, the gulf “big eye” tuna with spicy shrimp and vegetables, fried rice and a creamy Thai coconut sauce, which was, in my stepfather Kevin’s words, “dashing.” As their other dish, they also had the Swordfish with roasted hakurei turnips & apples, garden kale. This, however, came out cold! After a great apology from the owner, it came out again, and it was perfectly fine. On the swordfish, they used a cider reduction that gave it a warm fall flavor. Overall, the meal was great with only 3 complaints: I felt as if I were sharing my meal with another couple, as the place was packed! Also I feel that they could have offered us free drinks from their full bar for the swordfish having to be sent back. Although the restaurant was a little pricey, I would still definitely suggest this to those who finds themselves in upper Westchester.

 Café China

13 E 37th St.

(between 5th Ave. & Park Ave.)

New York, NY 10016

When trying to find a tasty Chinese restaurant with class in New York City, look no farther then Café China! I try not to pick favorites when talking food, but this has to be my favorite Chinese restaurant in the Midtown area! When entering, upon seeing its old-school Shanghai decor and extremely helpful staff, you are compelled to take a seat and see what will happen. When I go here with friends, they are somewhat appalled by some of the exotic foods on the menu until the try them. Finn and I went last week and he ordered the… ready… duck tongue in peppercorn, which the menu describes as a “Bite-sized appetizer that is a surprising combination of tenderness and satisfying crunch. Each morsel is coated in a bright and savory scallion pesto.” He loved it! Their famous tea-infused duck is described by my partner as “sweet.” Service is exceptional and they know all customers that have been there 3+ times by name. With a price tag of only $30, you should go now!