Game Time! T-D’s First Powder Puff Day

By: Solana Gagliano, Staff Writer

On May 19th, Thornton-Donovan’s Student Council hosted its first “Powder Puff Day” sporting event, where the high school’s female students played touch football and wiffleball to raise money for the Providence House Homeless Shelter.

As each grade, who dressed up in a different color to represent their team, played touch football, the spectators cheered them on. Junior Frenki Samuel Lulgjuraj had fun watching the gameplay, “I really enjoyed watching my friends and teachers play altogether. I think the Student Council should do it again.” Everyone had a joyous time out in the sun, even those who usually don’t play sports. “It was great,” says Eleventh grader Ximena Pacheco. “Even if you don’t play any sports, it’s okay because you’re still running, you’re still with your friends, and you’re still laughing.”

Nearing the end of the event, both the male and female students played exciting game of wiffleball with the teachers. “Getting here early was really fun,” says Yuriy Sandmeier, one of the male participants. “It’s a beautiful day, the girls showed excellent participation, and I think they had a great time.”   

Powder Puff day was successful in raising money for the local Providence House Homeless Shelter. “It is a blessing to see how the young generation is just contributing to society [and the] community,” says Tina Fernandez, the director of Providence House in New Rochelle. “It’s wonderful. I’m so happy to see so many people taking time out on a weekend to contribute back and we appreciate it. I hope they continue doing this as they become young adults and into college.”

Thank you to Student Council for planning this exciting event and to all of its participants.