Avengers Endgame: “Till the End of the Line” A Movie Review

By: David Montgomery, Teacher

Avengers: Endgame, released in theaters on April 26, signals the end of an era for superhero movies. The long awaited film has been the source of  bittersweet enthusiasm for many, serving as the climactic finale to a story over 10 years in the making.

The Overlook Journal had the privilege of having T-D’s English teacher, Mr. David Montgomery, share his opinion on the film as both a film critic and long time comic book enthusiast.

Here are his thoughts:

Over the course of 3 hours, I was thoroughly entertained and thoroughly confused by some of the choices that were made in this film. With that being said, I could have sat for another hour watching all my favorite characters battle it out when the results were so dire. Needless to say, the pacing was well done and seemed to satisfy me with action, drama and character development.

For a movie that fuses together so many characters and teams, it seems to have flawless execution. The anger of Thor, and the results that create a geyser of guilt within him, lends an interesting and delightful change in the character. They did him justice with his post snap existence.

However, Hulk, his comrade in arms, was handled less effectively. I was excited to see Professor Hulk reach the big screen. When he entered the film, it was a huge let down. It was not at all what I wanted and needed from the character. The huge green rage monster was reduced to a mediocre sized nerd with nothing worth seeing on screen. He was good for a few laughs, but the character of the Hulk was reduced to a harlequin of Bruce Banners nervous mannerisms.

I did appreciate the restraint the film used in not over using Marvel’s newest entry into their MCU. Captain Marvel was used sparingly, as the heroes of this film were the heroes we have been following for eleven years, and because we have enjoyed their company for so long, the grand finale left me tapping away the tears from the corner of my eyes.

To be a Marvel fan, means you are engaged and you pay attention to details, character mannerisms and idiosyncrasies. Clint Barton’s character was another miss for me. What they did with him was sub par, for what they could of done. The opening sequence with him, was a perfect introduction to the super highway of pain that he must have been feeling at the time the Avengers caught up with him. It is no wonder that he changed into what he became, but what he became was all off screen and explored through dialogue. This “weapon” needed more screen time fighting the scourges around the globe.

During this film, and Infinity War, people laid down their lives so others could live. This is why I am so confused as to why there is only one funeral. Why were others so slighted, as to raise one up in an exalted manner. Were we to believe the sacrifice of one man, is to be commended over that of many?

I really love how the “time heist” played out. It was by far the most entertaining element of the film. It helped move along the plot, and it was funny and fun as well. It reminded us of the past and the relevance it has on the future, and how everything we were taught about the time space continuum was pure fallacy.

The movie was truly an exciting ride, with high points and low points. It is far from perfect, and it is far from being the last MCU movie I will see. However, the film does bring you back to the days of being a young boy, or girl, thumbing through your weekly haul of comics and experiencing that thrilling adventure that only a cross over series could provide. While I was watching the film, I found myself watching it with the eyes of a 10 year old, and having a thrill ride of epic proportions.

It is when the endorphins calmed down, and the blood began to slow back to normal speed, that I realized the experience was not about the plot, plot devices, the character development or the huge galactic settings. The ride was the eleven year journey that culminated with this film. It is the joy of the MCU and Stan Lee’s famed creations, coming off the pages of the funny books, and living up to all our wildest dreams. Let’s be frank, I have read stories, in comic books, that had horrible endings, used deus ex machina, or shape-shifting to elude and transform continuity in story telling. This film, did none of that and has set up an opportunity, and many plausible keyholes that can help evolve an ever developing Marvel Cinematic Universe. I have questions at the end, more than I would like to have, but I intend to continue watching in hopes that they will one day be answered. I am a fan, and will be “until the end of the line!”