A Taste of Japan! T-D Welcomes Japanese Visitors.

By: Mohammed Ali, Staff Writer

On Friday, March 15, TD’s Japanese visitors arrived in America. The Japanese visitors enjoyed various activities and tours by their host families. From breakfast at an Irish restaurant to a visit to the 9/11 memorial, the Japanese visitors saw all that New York has to offer.

The day of their arrival was a special day for both the Japanese visitors and their host families, as they got to meet each other in the Berns Memorial Library. Saturday, March 16, was a calm day as the visitors got to spend a full day with their host families. On Sunday, March 17, the Japanese visitors enjoyed an Irish breakfast at Burke’s Restaurant in Yonkers, NY. On Monday, March 18, the Japanese visitors arrived at TD to create peace mugs in the art studio, what a wonderful way to start off the morning. They then traveled to Piermont to visit the DeWint House in Tappan, later enjoying lunch at Charlie Brown’s restaurant. They then returned to TD and were picked up there by their host families.

On Tuesday, March 19, the visitors ventured to the One World Tower and toured the 9/11 Memorial and 9/11 Tribute Center. They then had lunch at the Irish American Restaurant. On Wednesday, March 20, the visitors departed for the Circle Line Cruises, Pier 83, where they had a 1-hour cruise around the statue of liberty. They later had lunch at the 42nd Street Diner. Following that, went to see WICKED, later returning to TD to be picked up.

On Thursday, March 21, our visitors had music first period, later going to Queens, for a one-hour tour of Noguchi Museum and later had lunch near the Museum of Moving Images. They then had an hour-long tour of the museum, later heading back to TD. On Friday, March 22, the visitors went to Norwalk, Connecticut, to see the Maritime Center. There, they enjoyed 75 exhibits, featuring around 2,700 marine animals. They then had lunch at the Sunset Grille Restaurant. The group left Norwalk and met up at the New Rochelle Train Station, where they caught the train to Grand Central and had lunch. They then went to Akkio Kitamura’s Cross Transit production, a Japanese dance. The students went back to Grand Central and caught the train to New Rochelle Train Station, where their host families picked them up. They spent the following weekend with their host families, enjoying the American culture.

On Monday, March 25, the Japanese visitors departed from TD for Saint John the Divine, which overlooks NYC, and they got to create their own cathedral in a workshop. Lunch was served at the V & T Restaurant, later returning to TD where they were picked up by their host families. On Tuesday, March 26, they went to Grand Central and departed from there to Madame Tussaud’s Wax Museum, later having lunch at McDonald’s. After that, they visited Broadway and took a tour of Gulliver’s Gate, later heading back to Grand Central. They took the train from Grand Central to the New Rochelle Train Station, where they later went to TD to be picked up by their host families.

On Wednesday, March 27, they spent the full day at TD. The visitors had period one Music, later spending periods two and three in the Art Studio. There was a musical salute at the White House during period four. They had lunch at Beechmont Restaurant during periods five and six, later having a walking tour of Iona College during periods seven and eight. They later returned home with their American families and had a closing dinner at Coromandel restaurant. On Tuesday, March 28, they departed from TD for JFK airport for their departure back to Japan.

The Overlook Journal had a chance to speak to senior Quincy Campbell about his experience with our Japanese exchange students: “It was amazing. I hosted a boy named Nao and he was so respectful and up for whatever craziness I had planned for the day. We played video games together, watched Captain Marvel, watched old 80’s anime, danced at a party, he even got to see what my church life was like. But by far, my favorite thing was when we were drawing together.” This is one of the many times TD has been visited by Japanese visitors and hopefully, it won’t be the last.