T-D Celebrates International Peace Day!

By: Antonea Rufa, Chief of Staff


On Friday, September 21, Thornton Donovan hosted another one of its Peace Day celebrations and it is suffice to say that this year outshone all the others in the past.

The day began early at 9:15 when the student body gathered outside of the White House to listen to an alumni of Rondine speak about what she learned at the peace school in her time there and how peace is incredibly important for the coexistence between nations. Her speech was both informative and thought-provoking.

Some lower school students then performed both with their classes and by themselves. In both instances, everyone was impressed by the talent that came from these young students.

Next, after listening to students speak about their travel experiences and what peace means to them, everyone gathered on the court to listen to a gospel group. Talented is an understatement when it comes to describing their performance. They managed to get everyone to sing along with them, which is something that is not very common among the student body at assemblies. They could have performed all day and it is doubtful anyone would have minded. Thornton Donovan excitedly awaits their return for next year’s peace celebration.

Afterward, Ms. Light and a group of students sang their hearts out to John Lennon’s famous song “Let it Be.” The connection between the singers was evident and inspiring.

After this performance, the students gathered around to watch the Japanese calligraphy be painted as per annual tradition. The students then adorned the painting with origami swans. This tradition has been in place for a few years now and is that something many students look forward to.

After lunch break, a Thornton-Donovan alumni spoke about on her travel excursion with the school from years back when she attended. She went into great detail of how the trips not only inspired her, but shaped her as a person.

The Mongolian band that made its first appearance on the second day of school made a comeback this Peace Day, all thanks to Mr. Goodman. Everyone enjoyed the calming and melodious music they made, as it gave everyone a chance to focus on what the day meant to them.

Lastly, what would a Thornton Donovan peace celebration be without doves? Following the annual school tradition, the last event was the release of doves outside of the White House. This was just as special as it was every year, except this time with addition of bubbles!

And so, another Peace Day has passed and Thornton Donovan has made it a day memorable to all those who attended. It’s going to be a challenge to one-up this celebration next year, but there’s no doubt this task will be managed.


For more information on how T-D’s student body spreads the Peace Day spirit, check out sophomore Sophia Ventresca’s memoir where she shares her Peace Day adventure.