Sophia Ventresca Spreads the Peace with Fellow Students

By: Sophia Vantresca, Staff Reporter

On September 21, Frenki, Spencer, Kristen, and I had the privilege of handing out leis to the neighborhood on Peace Day. Ms. Bubesi picked us to go from door-to-door handing out leis as a symbol of peace. We walked around the neighborhood, all the way to Forest Avenue too handing these to each person. Most neighbors were so kind, and some even offered to pay for the lei. When people answered their doors, I could clearly see we had made their day. Some of us had stopped a few joggers who loved their leis. One runner even asked Kristen and I to take a picture together because she had posted on social media about peace day.

Ms. Bubesi split us up into two groups. Kristen and I did one side of the street, while Spencer and Frenki took the other. We started on Overlook Circle, by the houses next to the school, and all the way down Elk Avenue. Some people didn’t answer the door, but one lei would be left on their door handle to celebrate peace anyway.

Below are quotes from the other students and I:

“It was one of the best moments I’ve had at TD” ~ Sophia Ventresca


“Many people didn’t know about Peace Day, but handing out leis, as a symbol of peace, to all the neighbors and joggers made me feel happy. When I see someone smile, it makes my day” ~ Kristen Narain


“I was very happy going around the neighborhood handing out leis because not many people knew about peace day and it was good to spread around peace because it is a goal I believe we can all achieve if we work together” ~ Spencer Neuman


“It was an interesting experience for me to volunteer and spread peace. At the end of the day, I felt really good from all the support and affection I got from the neighbors of TD. It was amazing” ~ Frenki-Samuel Lulgjuraj


When Ms. Bubesi brought us back to the Peace day celebration, we all had smiles on our face. We all shared many laughs and had a great experience. Together, we had the chance to spread a little peace in our neighborhood, one flower at a time.