Students Meet Billionaire Investor Mario Gabelli: What They Learned


By: Danial Chauldry, Staff Reporter

On April 7th, T-D’s eighth period Euro class had the chance to meet billionaire investor Mario Gabelli, founder, and CEO of Gabelli funds, at his workplace in Rye. They were able to see their headquarters along with their investing strategies. I was able to sit with Mr. Schlitten and hear his thoughts along with his students thought on the trip. The Euro class is a themed investing course focused on introducing basic investing terminology and strategies to high school students. It also teaches students about “Value Investing” which is the main investing strategy at GAMCO investments. The students were amazed learning about Mr. Gabelli’s vision of how he sees investing. They were also amazed at the fact that a multi-billionaire would take 15 minutes out of his day to talk with 10 high school students. During the trip Mr. Gabelli had several of his top analysts meet with the students and explain just how their company goes about making money. His investment firm believes in value investing. They spoke with top analysts and researchers at Gabelli and were able to learn how to look at a stock.
“I personally consider myself a value investor, so meeting Mr. Gabelli was equivalent to a basketball fan meeting Kobe Bryant,” says Mr. Schlitten.

Mr. Schlitten finds Mario Gabelli as a great inspiration for his students because of his transparency. Mr. Schlitten believes anyone can value invest. He compares it to getting good grades in school. Everyone does it differently.

Mr. Gabelli is more than happy to let others see how he operates and look at what he does. His strategy is no secret. The trick is, you must be willing to put in the work and stick to the grind of what works. Most are not willing to do that. One skill that Mr. Schlitten wants to teach his class is to take all your emotions out of investing and analyze a company properly. He believes that stocks will go up and down on a daily basis, but great companies will finish strong in the long run. He also wants his students to look at the big picture and details. He sees investing as more than looking at a chart or reacting to others. It is about due diligence, looking at multiple sources for information and looking at something past, present, and future. Too often in life, we just look at the now.