Mrs. Johnson Enters The T-D Family!

By: Molly Cummings, Staff Reporter

T-D welcomes a variety of new students, teachers, and classes this year. An Iona professor, Ms. Johnson, teaches one of the more interesting classes, animation. The Overlook Journal had the pleasure of talking to her about her experiences in teaching. Mrs. Johnson has been teaching for a little less than 40 years at a variety of schools, including middle school, high school, and college. She got involved with Thornton-Donovan through a group, where high school students from Argentina come to Iona College for 2 weeks. Ms. Johnson met Mr. Fleming through the director of this program, and asked if she could teach at T-D. From a young age, Ms. Johnson knew she wanted to teach, and she would often practice teaching to her dolls. She also feels that teaching is in her genes because most of her family members are teachers. Ms. Johnson has a strong passion for animation because she says, “you have a story in your head—and you have characters that will be apart of that story—and you can do it all yourself.” Before college, Ms. Johnson first got into animation by taking courses at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute while also working at a cable company in upstate New York. She would bring her drawings from RPI to the cable company and use their equipment to make her animations come to life. Both Ms. Johnson and her students are excited for a great year at Thornton-Donovan!