Shootings and Students: Remembering 2018’s Tragic Events

Shootings and Students: Remembering 2018's Tragic Events

By: Timothy Goldsmith, Staff Reporter

In the brief time since the start of 2018, 20 people have been tragically killed and 30 have been wounded in over 17 shootings. Sadly, too many of these shootings have been on the grounds of schools. This article will be split up into several sections, deadly shootings or shootings with wounded students and unintentional shootings without wounded as a means of showcasing how dire the need for gun regulation is.  

Shootings which were deadly or had wounded students:

January 10th Coronado Elementary School: Sierra Vista, Arizona a 14-year-old boy was found dead in Coronado Elementary school, a K-8 public school. The teenager was found in the bathroom with an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound, the police found him after an active shooter alert. This incident was ruled a suicide.

January 20th Wake Forest University, Winston-Salem, North Carolina a 21-year-old was shot and killed during a fight at a party. This was an isolated incident and no one was charged with the shooting as of yet.

January 22nd Italy high School: Italy, Texas a 16-year-old male went to the Italy High School cafeteria on January 22nd where he shot a 15-year-old girl. The 15-year-old Noelle Cricket Jackson was shot 6 times in the neck and abdomen, she is recovering from her wounds.

January 22nd NET Charter High School: New Orleans, Louisiana a 14-year-old student was left with an abrasion, not from a gunshot but from falling down police said. Despite no one actually being shot, one of the students had gunpowder on his hands and many claim to have seen a man in a dark pickup truck shooting in the parking lot.

January 23rd Marshall County High School: Benton, Kentucky 15-year-old male shot 16 students and indirectly hurt 4 others (When they were trying to escape), two of the 16 students who were shot, Bailey Holt, 15, and Preston Cope, 15, were both killed. The former died at the scene of the shooting and the latter died in the local trauma center. The 15-year-old shooter was arrested soon after the crime.

January 31st Lincoln High School, Philadelphia after school on January 31st a couple students at the Lincoln High School’s basketball court got in an argument, this argument lead to a stay bullet hitting and killing 32-year-old father of 8 with twins on the way, Ralph Kennedy. There were three weapons which were discharged, most likely it was gang related.

February 1st Salvador Castro Middle School: Los Angeles, California a 12-year-old girl was arrested after a gun went off, accidentally, in a classroom shooting a 15-year-old boy in the head and a 15-year-old girl was shot in the arm. Two other students also suffered glass shattering in their face.

February 5th Oxon Hill High School: Prince George’s County, Maryland a student was shot in a car after having an argument with an unknown person supposedly due to an attempted robbery, the student was able to run into the school to get help to be transported into a hospital where he is in stable condition.

February 14th Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School: Parkland, Florida. All school shootings are all tragedies; however, the Marjory Stoneman Douglas school shooting is probably the saddest and one of the worst ones in American history. This shooting took the lives of 17 teenagers and wounded 14 others, due to a disgruntled former student with a history of mental instability. After being on the run, the teenager was finally caught and is being put on trial for the murder and attempted murders of his former classmates.

March 20th Great Millis High School: A 17-year-old student shot a female and male student, of which the 16-year-old girl died of her injuries three days later, in the Great Millis High School in Maryland. The shooter was stopped from harming other students by a police officer, who used his own handgun to shoot and kill the shooter, before any more harm was done.   

Unintentional Shootings without wounded:

January 4th New Start High School, near Seattle an unidentified shooter shot 2 bullets, one bullet was never found and another one was shot through a window a lodged between a 3-ring binder in the Principal’s office. No one knows who the shooter was, if there was intent or any of the sort. No one was wounded.

January 10th California State University, San Bernardino, California an unidentified shooter shot a stray bullet, most likely from off campus, and hit a building. The bullet shot through a window, no one was wounded and the shooter was not identified.

January 10th Grayson College, Denison, Texas this shooting happened at the Greyson Criminal Justice college. The licensed instructor took out his live firearm and put it into a black box, and took a training firearm with him as he left the classroom for a second, one of the students arrived late and took the live firearm out of the box thinking it was a training firearm. She accidentally discharged the weapon. No one was injured.

January 15th Wiley College, Marshall, Texas two people in a black Sudan exchanged gunfire with someone in a dorm parking lot. The bullet lodged into a dorm room and the sedan smashed into a wall when attempting to drive away. The only injuries were not from the shooting but the people in the sedan.

January 25th Murphy High School, Mobile, Alabama after an assumed argument with fellow students, a 16-year-old student went outside of the High School and fired a stolen gun. No one was wounded and the student is not in police custody.

January 26th Dearborn High School, Dearborn, Michigan a possible gang shooting, after school during basketball game 2 students from another school district got in an argument in the parking lot of the Dearborn High School near Detroit. The shooting was shot by a car a little while after the fight, which is why it is assumed to be connected to the fight. No one was injured and may have been a stray bullet.

February 5th Harmony Learning Center, Maplewood, Minnesota a police officer attending a community building event at the Harmony elementary school was sitting on a bench next to two third grader. One of the third graders turned off the gun’s safety and discharged the gun by accidently when the police officer was distracted. No one was injured.

February 8th Metropolitan High School, New York, NY a Bronx 17-year-old was arrested for discharging a weapon in a classroom which lodged in the floor. No one was injured and there was apparently no intent on doing this.

There have been over 17 school shootings, averaging for about 3 school shootings a week, only 9 resulting with people getting wounded or killed. School shootings are always a tragedy, especially when students get wounded or killed, and The Overlook Journal staff sends its thoughts and prayers to all the families who are grieving for those who have been lost and pray for those who are hurt to get better.



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