Student Council Valentines Day Photoshoot


By: Solana Gagliano, Staff Reporter

Thornton-Donovan School’s Student Council’s first ever fundraiser, the Valentine’s Day Fun Foto Shoot, took place on February 13th and was well-received by the student body.

Students got into the Valentine’s Day spirit by posing with their friends in front of a holiday-themed background. The setup was created by the V-Day Committee members: freshman Michaela Rogers and seniors Jordan Drew, Xavier Rogers, Arbrene Ellison, Javier Vargas-Arcia, along with Spanish teacher and co-moderator Ms. Tudisco.

“I was also pleased to see how quickly Student Council members ‘re-illuminated’ the Illuminations Room with Valentine-themed decorations streaming from the ceiling and covering the windows to make a beautiful backdrop for the playful props that ensured a fun photo for all,” said T-D social studies teacher and founder of the Student Council, Ms. Coffin.

Approximately 27 people participated in the event, which was coordinated by junior Solana Gagliano. The photos, taken by freshman Mila Mabhongo, will be printed and handed out this month.

Due to its success, the event’s proceeds will be used for future events in order to provide students an enjoyable experience at T-D this year.

“It was great! Thanks to everyone who participated,” said Student Council President Arbene Ellison. “With the money we raised, we’ll be able to do more school-wide events!

On Monday, March 5th, the Student Council’s Community Service committee started to ask for donations of nonperishables for Hope Community Services. This initiative lasts until March 20th and the blue donation box can be found outside the main office. The Student Council will also help with spring cleaning by cleaning up and planting flowers around T-D’s campus.

Ms. Coffin, meanwhile, lauded the efforts of the Student Council members who helped coordinate and ensure the success of the Valentine’s Day fundraiser.

The ‘February Fun Foto Shoot’ demonstrated successfully how students, faculty, and the administration can join together in a lighthearted activity that raised money for Student Council and literally brought a smile to everyone’s face,” she said.