An Adventure with Argentinian Visitors

By: Mila Mabhongo, Staff Reporter

On Sunday, October 22, 2017, Thornton-Donovan School once again had students visit from another part of the world. This month, the school hosted 13 students who flew in from Colegio Lincoln in La Plata, Argentina. Their trip lasted a full two weeks.

The students of Thornton-Donovan made friends with the Argentinians, who enjoyed their stay, experiencing the culture of each individual household. Every single one of them was a part of the T-D students’ everyday lives in New York, whether it be going shopping at the Westchester Mall or enjoying being a part of Futsal practices, or simply taking the Metro-North train to Manhattan.

“I really like staying with American students, their culture is very interesting,” said Mercedes Fernandez DiSisto ’21, who was accommodated by Errol Lipton ’22 and his family. The Lipton family also hosted Victoria Faraone ’21.

The Argentinians spent their two weeks in the U.S. going around to various remarkable places in New York. They visited the Bronx Zoo on Wednesday, October 25th, and had lunch at Mario’s Restaurant in Little Italy, where a few T-D students spoke to them about their experiences travelling with Thornton-Donovan. They also went to the Columbia vs. Yale football game at the Yale University campus on Saturday, October 28th. Then, on Halloween, they all enjoyed the Halloween Parade at school and they got to go Trick-Or-Treating with their respective host-families the same night.

Tiziana Gonzales ’21 especially enjoyed going to Manhattan, specifically seeing School of Rock on Broadway and visiting Madame Tussauds at Time’s Square.

“I really like New York City,” she said. “If I had the chance to live here, I would.”

T-D went to Argentina in 2013 and it is very fortunate that even four years later, the school still maintains a strong relationship with them and continues to do these exchanges. A major tenet of T-D is having these annual exchanges where students come from around the world to study at T-D, immerse themselves in American culture, and represent their respective countries; in turn, T-D sends its own ambassadors abroad, as well.

“Hosting the Argentinians was an amazing experience,” said Marianne Zapata ’21. “I had so much fun bonding with the two girls I was hosting [Tiziana Gonzales ’21 and Delfina Vicente Laumann ’21] as well as learning about the cultural differences.”

Marine Teyssonniere de Gramont ’21 echoed this sentiment, saying, “It was really fun to host two Argentineans. I learned a little and I can finally point out where Argentina is.”

The Argentinean guests departed with great memories and positive feedback of their stay, and T-D hopes to see them again in the near future.