Halloween Costume Parade

Mr. Van Lesberghe

By: Solana Gagliano, Staff Reporter

This year, Thornton-Donovan successfully showcased the Halloween spirit with its annual costume parade. Nearing the end of the school day, students from grades K-12 gathered to enjoy their friends dressing up in beautiful, fun, and spooky costumes. A few gems from the parade included fourth grader Arthur Getaz who dressed up as a headless man, kindergardener Remi Litrov-Santos who was a swashbuckling pirate, and senior Arbrene Ellison who wowed the audience with her realistic “flesh monster” makeup. However, the grand prize of fifty dollars, was won by senior, Xavier Rodgers, who dressed as Groot from the popular sci-fi movie Guardians of the Galaxy. “I chose Groot because I thought it would be funny” says Xavier, “a lot of people call me ‘tall’ or call me a ‘tree’ so I thought dressing up as a tree just worked.” His impressive dance moves, which he calls “milly rocking,” pleased the crowd and confirmed the judges’ decision. “I was pleasantly surprised” he said, when speaking about his win.

Congratulations to all participants of the parade and the lucky winners!