Student Spotlight: Lina Vilanek

By: Solana Gagliano, Staff Reporter

Today I sat with senior Lina Vilanek,  astudent came from Germany, to talk about Thornton-Donovan and the United States.

What part of Germany are you from? How would you compare it to New Rochelle or New York City?

            “[I am from] Hamburg. It’s bigger than New Rochelle but much smaller than New York City. It’s quiet, but [there are] a lot of people. ”

Why did you come here? What is your connection to T-D?

         “[My friend and I came here] because we want to practice our English, make new experiences and to meet new people. I think two years ago, a few students of our school traveled to T-D, and then one of our teachers asked us for an exchange [because] we have a teacher that knows [Dr.] Hellge.”

What was your first impression of the United States of America when you first arrived? Has this impression changed since you have been here?

 “Everything is really big!” *laughs* “Like, if you are in the supermarket, everything is so large. The shampoo container is very big. We got used to it, but it’s still [overwhelming].”

 What is your favorite activity that you have done in U.S. so far?

“We went to Times Square and went to a musical with [Dr.] Hellge, and that was really fun. [We also] went to a Yankees game. Mr. Fleming told us we should go. Actually, we didn’t understand the game that much, but it was something new and just the feeling to be in the Yankees stadium in New York City was very nice. We don’t have baseball or American football [in Germany], but soccer is very popular.”

What was your first impression of Thornton-Donovan?

     “It’s different and it’s not like we expected. Like, in films the [schools have] a lot of people and the system is very different, like having the same schedules every day is very different to Germany’s system. In T-D you have the same lessons and the same subjects [every day] but in Germany we have a week plan and every day [we have] different subjects. For example, you have biology twice a week on Tuesday and Wednesday.”

What is your favorite class at T-D? Why?

     “[I like] architecture with Ms. Bubesi because we don’t have it in Germany and it’s cool and interesting and I like buildings.

What is one thing you yearn to do in the Unites States? Why?

    “To see everything in New York and visit other places like Washington (D.C.) because in movies everything is in New York, and on TV we always see the White House and the President in Washington and it’s really special to be at this point where I know Spider Man was [filmed].”