T-D Student Council Starts Hurricane Relief Drive

T-D Student Council Starts Hurricane Relief Drive

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By: Mila Mabhongo, Staff Reporter


While the student members of Thornton-Donovan School’s Student Council are beginning to elect seven Student Council Officers, council moderator Ms. Tudisco has focused her attention on a more pressing issue.

“When the student council was discussing ideas for a community activity, it was unanimously decided to go out of Westchester and help the hurricane victims in Texas and Florida,” Ms. Tudisco said. “We will be continuing collections throughout the year, sending packages periodically, and will also be expanding our aid to Puerto Rico as well.”

This initiative led to the Hurricane Relief Drive, launched on October 16 and lasting until November 9.  The T-D community has been called on to donate school supplies, spare essentials, old – but clean and gently-used – clothing, and food. Collection boxes have been placed in the Bern’s Memorial Library.  

“As a part of its mission statement, Thornton-Donovan [School’s] Student Council’s goal is to serve the students, the school, and also the greater community who is in need of assistance,” said Ms. Coffin, the Student Council’s lead organizer and moderator. “Our Community Service Committee was created and several students, all a part of the Council, volunteered to work with Ms. Tudisco to locate schools we could partner with in Texas and Florida since Hurricane Irma had also recently impacted Florida.”

Ms. Tudisco got in contact with two schools – Drew Academy in Houston, Texas, and Horace O’Bryant Middle School in Key West, Florida.

The guidance counselor of Drew Academy explained to Ms. Tudisco how their school was seriously affected by Hurricane Harvey and that there are eight families without homes who are currently residing in hotels. Most of the items that are needed are for boys in 7th and 8th grade – Polo shirts, T-Shirts, jeans, deodorants, and toothbrushes – among other items.

“I think that it shows we aren’t only trying to reach out to the school community,” Sophomore Abdul Keshinro ‘20 said, “but help the communities around the country and around the world.”

Meanwhile, Horace O’Bryant Middle School said that they were badly affected by the hurricane and are asking for food and clothing. Both of the schools also ask for toys for the young children and school supplies.

“The people we help may be strangers, but because our caring and compassionate students are committed to collecting as many items as possible, they are very hopeful that what they send will make someone’s day a little brighter,” Ms. Tudisco said.

This will not be the last community service initiative, according to Ms. Coffin; in reality, this is only the beginning.

“What’s next for us is that our committee will continue to give back to our community locally and nationwide [as part of] a year long endeavor. It is our plan to have a Community Service Project bi-monthly until June 2018.”