T-D’s Italian Visitors: A Bite of the Big Apple



By: Mila Mabhongo, Staff Reporter

On Thursday, September 28th, fifteen students came to Thornton-Donovan School all the way from Liceo Vittoria Colonna High School in Arezzo, Italy. T-D and Liceo Vittoria Colonna have a long-standing relationship, and we were glad to host them again this year.

One of their students spoke about her experiences in New York City and provided insight on how she felt about coming to T-D.

“My favorite moment was when I first stepped off the plane at the airport. It felt so good to realize that I am actually in America,” -Irene Palarchi ’20.

This being her first time flying, she explained how there was a lot of turbulence and although she came down with a minor headache, she felt better when approaching the US. She did, however, have some issues with jet lag upon arrival.

Irene’s favorite part of the trip was going to the Whitney Museum on Monday, October 2 and Gulliver’s Gate on Tuesday, October 3. She also mentioned how much she like T-D’s campus and how it was quite big compared to her school in Italy. She says that if she had the chance to, she would definitely come back to T-D.

Irene’s experience would not have been the same without her host sister, eighth grader Marygrace Iannacito. She really appreciated her host family’s accommodation, and plans to keep in touch with them.

The Overlook Journal also had the chance to speak to Italian freshman, Giada Angori, another first time visitor in America. She explained to us how much she enjoyed her host family appreciating their humor and kindness.

Her favorite site during the trip was the Intrepid Museum that they visited on Tuesday, October 3. She also enjoyed watching a baseball game at the Yankee Stadium. Giada really liked their first full day at T-D where she spent some time Mr. Goodman’s first period class, “Eagle, Snake, Song”.

“[Mr. Goodman] is kind of like a father to you guys, and I can see that he wants everybody to interact with each other.” -Giada Angori ’20

Finally, Caterina Gargiani ’20, hosted by Kristen Narain ’20, shared with us her thoughts on T-D, calling the environment “easy and outgoing.” She especially had fun with her host family during her first weekend here. Her American family took her to the Bronx Zoo on Saturday, followed by a meal at Kristen’s grandmother’s house.

Caterina loves to travel with her friends and plans to host one of our students back in Italy. She was inspired by Mr. Goodman’s period four “Orkestra” class’s “Peace Is Here” performance.

“That music class was very fun and weird because we wouldn’t do such in Italy, but I enjoyed it.” -Caterina Gargiani ’20

World travel and student exchanges are two of the main tenets of a T-D education. On October 10, T-D’s Italian visitors departed back to their home, taking a few of our own student ambassadors with them. The school’s relationship with Liceo Vittoria Colonna High School is one that continues to prove beneficial for their students and T-D’s as well.