Hurricanes Hit Caribbean and American Coasts

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By: Taylor Marsico, Staff Reporter

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This past month we’ve heard a lot about the multiple hurricanes affecting the southern part of the United States and the Caribbean. Fortunately, New York has not been affected, but what has this weather disaster done to the those hit?

Hurricane Irma, active from August 30 until September 14, 2017 has been the most intense, observed Atlantic hurricane since Hurricane Dean in 2007 according to The Washington Post. It has surged through Georgia, Florida, and parts of the Caribbean.

As stated in an article from Vox, Irma sustained 185 mph winds for more than 24 hours straight in the Atlantic Ocean and was considered a Category 5 hurricane at some point while in motion.

The prime minister of Antigua and Barbuda, Gaston Browne, says that at least 90% of Barbuda has been destroyed by the hurricane. It has also reported that there is no power for one million people in Puerto Rico.

Florida and Georgia have both declared states of emergency, ordering evacuations and struggling to prepare shelters and food for victims of the storm.

According to CNN, the Savannah River Street in Savannah, Georgia, has flooded. This an area popular for tourists and police have had to shut down Highway 80 leading to it. The water has reached 10 feet. Cuba has also had more than 10 reported deaths, making it over 36 deaths in the Caribbean in total.

The Florida Keys, meanwhile, are without water, power, and communication, and it will stay like that for a while. CNN says that a majority of the storm-related deaths are from falling tree limbs.


Hurricane Harvey has also made a large impact on the citizens of Texas and southern Louisiana. According to The Washington Post, 40,000 houses have been severely damaged and 7,000 houses have been completely destroyed in Texas. There has been more than 40 reported deaths, some lost while risking their lives to save others.

USA Today reports that Harvey has generated 140 mph winds and that sections of houses in Holiday Beach, Texas have been blown away. Whole boats have also apparently ended up on lawns due to the sea rise.

It is the first time recorded that the U.S. has had two Category 4 hurricanes in one year, including Hurricane Irma and Hurricane Harvey, as reported by CNN. It is crucial that the rest of us aid those harmed by the hurricane, as they try to return to their everyday lives, who have been left without food, clothing, and a place to stay.

To help those affected by Hurricane Harvey, visit:

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