T-D’s End of the Year Art’s House: “Galapagos Adios!”


By: Lena Blumberg, Staff Reporter

On June 2, Thornton Donovan had their final Arts House of the school year. It was a long night filled with many talented performers. The evening started off with the Nature of Music class, featuring an appearance by the adorable lower school students. After the introductory piece, the lower school classes performed including the first and second grade singing their original song, “Galapagos Adios.”

The second part of the show began with a hilarious video from the Digital Path class, “Be Mine.” Following the video, Dexter Doris played Serenade in G Major on piano, accompanied by Tal Steiner and Leo Murzin. Vocal performances included Luca Ardizone-West singing “Can’t Help Falling in Love with You,” Mila Mahbongo singing “For the Longest Time” in  acapella, Grace Kretzmer with “You Will Be Found,” and Madison (Muxi) Zhang singing “Young and Beautiful.”

The third part of the program began with “Chaska,” an original musical composed by the Musical Theatre class. Next, the Jazz Improv, Songwriting , and Chorus classes performed. To end a wonderful night, the Gaming class shared a video presentation of the game they have been working on. Overall, TD once again pulled off a fun and eventful night.