T-D’s Upcoming Fringe Festival!

T-D's Upcoming Fringe Festival!

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By: Solana Gagliano, Staff Reporter

Most school open houses are presented by administrators and teachers, but on Sunday, June 11th, the students of Thornton-Donovan will have center stage. The first annual Fringe Festival is an event that, in the words of Mr. Fleming, “will showcase students speaking about their classes, extracurricular activities, personal passions, outreach efforts, and unrealized goals.” With over 40 venues that will be scattered around the school’s campus, it gives parents a chance to get to know our students and their extracurricular activities.

The day starts with an exquisitely prepared breakfast for a dozen lucky guests by junior, Leo Murzin. Later in the day, our English teacher, Ms. Light, will have two presentations: poetry readings from T-D’s 2017 literary magazine, and an offering by the Ethics and Debate clubs.

There is also a special treat from the Graffiti Art class. According to Mr. Giacobello, T-D’s graffiti and photography teacher, the class plans on showcasing a new wall painting for the White House. “ Our design will be unveiled during the Festival.” will present his and his class’ work in three parts. “The first part will be a digital slide show of my students work. The second part will be a slide show taking at the school and on the school trips over the past year. The third part will be a display of printed artwork from a few of the recent school trips.”

A few of our journalists will also be attending the festival, showcasing the Overlook Journal’s  accomplishments this year.

To close the event, Ms. Bubesi’s fashion class, Andean Chic, will present their creations inspired by Peruvian and Ecuadorian culture. “I will call the fashion show Pachamama Fashion!” she says, “It will be a great excitement to see how the study of the cultures becomes a source of inspiration for a vast creativity.”

We look forward to meeting you there!

“Like its Scottish namesake, the Fringe Festival promises to be a fun-filled event!” -Ms. Light