T-D’s Spring Arts House

By: Brianna Henry, Staff Reporter

On March 17, 2017, Thornton Donovan had it’s first Arts House of the year, and as always, it was a success.

We opened the night with some lovely flute and ukulele playing from sophomore Quincy Campbell and both teacher and host of this event, Mr. Goodman. Juniors Katie Mason and Leo Murzin, and senior Gavin Lue-Tomlinson, gave both the T-D family and our Japanese visitors from Sera High School a warm welcome.
Mr. Goodman’s fourth period music class, along with junior Lloyd Williams opened the acts with a fun and playful song consisting of ukuleles, guitars and various forms of percussion.
Next, freshman Mila Mabhongo and senior Femi Copeland performed one of my personal favorite songs, “I See Fire” by Ed Sheeran, and they blew the crowd away with their voices.
These were just the start of the evening, as we had many other performances from talented lower school students, like “Hey There Delilah.” A number of high school students performed as well; students like Diale Takona, Brianna Henry, Grace Kretzmer, Maya Dominguez, Katie Mason, and Ms. Franks’ music classes.
Students in Mr. Goodman’s first period class ended the show performing a funny original called  “Como Llama Alpaca.” All in all, T-D has succeeded yet again in creating an entertaining show for both parents and students alike.