Movie Review: M. Night Shyamalan’s “Split”

Movie Review: M. Night Shyamalan's

By: Arbrenee Collinas, Staff Reporter

Thrillers give their audiences the heart-stopping, mind-racing, on-the-edge-of-your-seat feeling where you’re anticipating the very worst only to see the opposite. That’s M. Night Shyamalan’s new thriller/horror film Split.

In Split the main character, Kevin, has 24 different personas.  Each persona has their own personality, speech pattern, mental issues, age, and for some, even gender. James McAvoy, known for his role as Charles Xavier in the X-Men franchise, portrays Kevin and his many different personas. It’s hard enough for an actor to learn the thought process of one character.  McAvoy, though, managed to learn the  personalities of all the other personas that he played in the film, making them distinctive and unique.

Throughout the movie, Kevin is constantly reaching out to his therapist Dr. Karen Fletcher. Dr. Fletcher is played by Betty Buckley, known for her role as Miss Collins in the movie Carrie (1976) and Mrs. Jones  in The Happening (2008). Actress Anya Taylor-Joy plays the second main character, Cassie, who is able to understand and manipulate Kevin and the other personas to a certain degree.

The movie starts off with Cassie at a party with her peers. Unlike the other teenage girls, she does not socialize, being the outcast. On the outside looking in, she doesn’t even attempt to fit in with the others.

 When Cassie and two other girls are kidnapped, she seems to be the calmest out of the three girls. Unlike the other two, she’s able to accept that she’s been kidnapped and tries to use logic to survive.
Overall, I would seriously recommend seeing this movie. The character development helps you better understand and sympathize with the characters and the suspense leaves you speechless at times. As for me, it makes me wonder if “damaged” people could somehow possess godlike abilities over time. you won’t understand that last statement unless you watch the movie, . Consider this incentive to see it. And of course, there’s a twist. Think M. Night Shyamalan’s  Unbreakable.