Return of the Overlook Lounge

By: Brianna Henry, Staff Reporter

Overlook Journal. If you haven’t heard that name yet, you’ve either not attended Thornton-Donovan, or you’ve been living under a rock. But, have you heard of the Overlook Lounge Podcast?

Some of you may have answered “yes,” and some of you may have answered “no.”

For those of you that answered “yes,” it now time for another year of our school’s lovely podcast.  I interviewed Mr. Goodman, the coordinator, to get some insight on what it’s all about.


What is the Overlook Lounge Podcast?

Mr. Goodman: “It’s a program that we started and put together last year. We had a radio show on WVOX for ten weeks. When it ended, the (radio class) and I decided that we were going to continue that. We like the broadcasting aspect of it. It turned into a weekly show that the students wrote. We had different topics, and at one point we had a radio play. We had different questions that we answered at the discussion point. This year’s podcast is going to be somewhat of a continuation of that. We’re going to have some topical discussions featuring the students, and we’re going to talk about not only the class and events happening around the school, but also important things that both the students and the teachers will find interesting.”


Which class is going to be doing this (recording this)?

Mr. Goodman: “It’s going to be done by the digital music class. The students in the class are going to produce it. We’re going to incorporate a lot of music and a lot of the stuff that we’re learning in the class into the podcast.”

Which students are going to be taking part in this?
Mr. Goodman: “I’ve got six students in the class: Quincy, Nicole, Omar, Paul, Mazin, and Chris Miles.”


Are you looking forward to it? Are the students looking forward to it?


Mr. Goodman: “I believe so. I certainly am. We have a good time doing the podcast. We put it up on Soundcloud, and the kids get a kick out of listening to themselves. I think most of the school listened to it last year. It’ll be up on the school website as well. I think it’ll be really different. We’re trying to apply what digital music instead of just creating.”


What did you think of last year’s podcast? What changes are you thinking of making to improve it for this year?


Mr. Goodman: “I think last year it went on a little bit too long. We weren’t really prepared for some of them. I don’t think the recording was all that great either. I looking to professionalize it, fix it, and make it more like a radio show. We tried to do it in a live format last year, and I don’t think we’re going to do that so much this year.


The Overlook Lounge is the perfect way to catch up on current and silly events not only around the school, but also around the world. Plus, if you’re looking for a fun way to spend your evening, why not try the Overlook Lounge? Don’t forget to catch the first podcast when it’s posted.