Student’s Methods of Relaxing for Exams

By: Lena Blumberg, Staff Reporter

With quarterly exams coming up, I talked to some high school students to see how they relax and deal with stress.

The first person I interviewed was sophomore Romi D’Annunzio. She told me that she likes to listen to music and draw to calm down. She also informed me that before she takes the tests, she likes to prepare herself mentally. Romi mentioned that the key to studying is planning it all out and taking breaks in between.

Like Romi, junior Luca Graziano and freshman Grace Kretzmer agreed that they also like to listen to music to relax.

The next person I talked to was sophomore Sarah Neushotz. To relax in general, Sarah likes to play with her dog and hang out with her friends. To calm down when studying for exams, Sarah likes to take a long shower or bath. For his stress management, sophomore Eli Aneiro-Tanner told me that it helps him to take deep breaths. He said that if he gets frustrated when studying, he takes a break and then continues studying.

The last person I sat down with was junior Andrea Alverca. She said that it helps her to organize her work during quarterlies.

After doing these interviews, I learned a lot of great techniques for handling stress before tests.