Senior Starts T-D’s First Student Council


By: Solana Gagliano, Staff Reporter

Senior, Femi Copeland, decided to create Thornton-Donovan’s first ever student council led by herself and social studies teacher, Ms.Coffin. I met with her this week to discuss her thoughts on this new addition.

“The reason why I created the student council is because I wanted to come up with a way to give the students of Thornton-Donovan a voice,” Femi says.

It will act as a mediator between the students and the faculty. “We would listen to a student’s concern or complaint, and in a student council meeting, we will talk about how we would approach the faculty and the administration.” The council’s first priorities would be to make sure each student feels comfortable coming to T-D. Femi wants everyone to have a voice, “even the little munchkins.”

This sounds like a great idea, and the students here at T-D definitely noticed it. Thirty-six students attended the first ever student council meeting on the 4th of November. Only expecting to see at most a dozen, Femi was pleasantly surprised at such a big number. Even with so many students, the group bounced ideas off of each other in a professional manner. “Even though people had a lot to say and could not wait to say it, they would listen to other students concerns.”

“Giving back is such a good feeling” she says, “and for the student council, this would be a great way to let people know [the administration] cares.” Femi considers Thornton-Donovan a “safe haven” for students, and wants the school to stay that way. “The council barely even started and I am very proud at the students and the school. I can’t wait to have an amazing year, and with the student council right by my side, we will stop at nothing to make that happen.” Thank you to Femi and those who signed up to be a part of the student council.

                                                          Let’s give the T-D Lions their roar!