Rugby Game Ends in Stalemate

By: Xavier Rogers, Staff Reporter

I’d like to call the first game we played at Keio Academy on October 30th, a “learning curve”. The team that we played against was very prepared and had a solid defense and offense. As we went through the game, we picked up on the things that needed improvement for the second and third games of the day, namely the team’s defense. The second game went much more smoothly for us, especially defensively. The whole team worked together and played their parts to ensure that the second game was a good one. Andrew Breazna in particular, gave the opposing team a hard time on defense, which would probably explain his concussion during the game. No need to worry though, the injury hasn’t slowed him down a bit.

We also had players like Chris Miles and Alex Cuzzi who could make 20 yard dashes anytime they got their hands on the ball, and Abdul and Shen who would always hustle to get the ball from the opposite team. We unanimously agreed that the third game was going to be the game we’d win. However, due to “inclimate weather” the game was cancelled, but not before a sensational tackle was made by Jordan Drew against one of the largest players on the opposing team.

Overall, the Lions Rugby team performed excellently, adapting well to all the troubling situations presented to them….including the weather. The Overlook Journal wishes them the best of luck in the future.