Belize, Here We Come

By: Cecile Mcintosh, Staff Reporter

From October 16th to the 23rd, eight of Thornton-Donovan’s high school ambassadors will be traveling to Belize; a Central American and Caribbean country. I took some time out to interview Grace Kretzmer, Xavier Rogers, and Naya Brown-Yohay to ask them what they’re excited for and what some of their expectations are for this trip.

Why do you want to go to Belize?

Grace: When the students from Belize High School came in 2015, I went on the trip to Madame Tussaud’s, Ellen’s Stardust, and saw Fun Home on Broadway with them. They were all so nice, and we all got along really well. We all exchanged numbers and social media so we could stay in touch. Surprisingly, we were good at staying in touch. To finally see them again after keeping in touch for two years is my main reason. On the other hand, Belize is gorgeous and I’m really interested in the culture.

Xavier: My main reason for wanting to go to Belize is from recommendations from Jordan Campbell, her family, and my parents. Furthermore, everyone has been telling me how much fun Belize is in general. Also, I have wanted to go on one of the international trips with the school, and Belize worked out really well in terms of price and timing.

Naya: Honestly, I’ve never been on a trip with the school before, and I always hear my friends talking about great experiences that they get from traveling internationally with the school. When the students from Belize came to our school in 2015, I wasn’t able to host; however, I was always cordial when I socialized with them. I want to go to Belize to experience their daily life and be able to compare it with mine and not just be a tourist.

What excites you the most about this upcoming trip?

Grace: That’s a really hard question. It’s my first trip with TD, so I think that’s the most exciting thing. I’m definitely excited to see as many kids from two years ago as I can and meet everyone else. Lastly, I’m definitely excited to dive into the culture and the food.

Xavier: I’m excited mostly about meeting new people and seeing what school in Belize is like. I’m also excited for all the partying and festivities that will take place while we’re there.

Naya: Honestly, I’m excited for the new experiences of studying abroad. I also want to meet new people and learn about their culture. Then, I’ll use what I experience in Belize and compare it to my culture in New York.  

What do you expect to learn during this trip?

Grace: I expect to learn about the culture, how to handle travel independently, and why traveling with TD is so great.

Xavier: I expect to learn about the culture and different traditions that take place in Belize. Also, I expect to learn about what sets Belize apart from other Central American countries.

Naya: Honestly, I don’t know because the school didn’t give me a lot of information; however, that’s kind of a good thing because I like surprises. Anyway, I hope to learn about their way of life. I want to know about their diet, fashion, culture, religion, etc.  

Is there anything that you’re nervous about?

Grace: I’m a little nervous to be traveling by myself, but other than that, I’m not that nervous. It’s always nerve-wracking to go to a new place; however, that nervous energy is more of an excited-nervous.

Xavier: I guess I’m a little nervous about being in a new environment and being exposed to a new culture for the first time. At the same time, that is also why I’m excited about this trip.

Naya: Honestly, I’m just nervous that I won’t fit in. Other than that, I’m mostly excited for this trip.