Volleyball: TD Lionesses For The Win

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Volleyball: TD Lionesses For The Win

By: Brianna Henry, Staff Reporter

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On October 29, Thornton-Donovan had it’s first volleyball game of the season against the New York School of the Deaf, and I must say, I’ve never seen a group as in sync as the girls on my team.

The T-D Lions reigned through victorious after demonstrating a clear amount of skill and love for the game. I must say, the girls (myself included) were prepared and had practiced as vigorously as they played. It’s more than an honor to be in the presence of it.
In a best out of five game, our ferocious Lions won the first three giving them a well deserved win.
Our opponents gave us a good game, and despite the challenge they face, they played like any other, and even though we have a technical win, both teams won in their own way.
I asked our fellow player, Cecile McIntosh (eleventh grade), what she thought of our game, “Honestly, I’m so proud of us as a team. We had two fairly new players during this game, yet we were able to work together to win three games in a row. I love the fact the even if you were on the bench you were still able to cheer your teammates on and encourage them, which was greatly appreciated.”
I couldn’t have said it any better myself, Ms. McIntosh.
I asked Taylor Marsico (tenth grade) the same question. “I think it went really well and we all came together nicely,” but not only that. She points out that both teams had great sportsmanship, which is a great quality to have if you’re on a team.
So congratulations to all of you on T-D’s volleyball team, and good luck with your upcoming games.
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