TD Celebrates UN Peace Day!

Mr. Van Lesberghe

By: Taylor Marsico, Staff Reporter

Thornton Donovan students are so fortunate due to the fact that our school recognizes International Peace Day. It reminds us of how lucky we are to be so privileged in a safe part of the world.

At the beginning of our Ceremony, Headmaster Mr. Fleming reminded us to be open about the thematic courses and encouraged students to join Mr. Griffin’s United Nations class, involving solving conflicts all over the world in a non-violent way.  He then welcomed to the stage one of our new Italian exchange students, Paolo, who spoke about a new club that will be discuss international conflict and solutions towards peace.

Guest Joan Rassow then engaged us in conversation with students over the microphone about our opinions on peace.

Rassow then spoke about external and internal peace. He ordered students to take part in “mindful walking”, which included circling around the tennis court. Students and teachers shared that they felt tranquility and a sense of togetherness while walking in silence. Following that we passed around red grapes, taking part in “mindful eating”. We ended the morning ceremony with meditating and then an upbeat and merry drum circle.


After a quick lunch, students and teachers were directed to outside the White House. where the new Italian exchange students spoke beautifully about rainbows, respectfulness, abolishing inequality, and how to deal with conflict.


Secondly, Mr. Fleming acknowledged the endless and priceless work our amiable handyman, Florien, does for Thornton Donovan. Mr. Griffin then spoke about the benefit of being multi-linguistic and his United Nations trip with his student members.


Afterwards, TD’s very own Quincy Campbell came to the stage and told us that we should all try to love each other, and if we can’t, try to have empathy for each other. He encouraged us to change perspective when dealing with conflict and explained that we should realize the power of peace, how it is not impossible, and worth striving for.


Mr. Goodman’s and Ms. Frank’s classes later performed delightfully with their voices and instruments. Including the middle school music class, the songwriting class, theater and singing classes, and the Nature of Music class. While Mr. Goodman’s Nature of Music class played, students came up to the microphones to read inspiring quotes they found about peace, personally my favorite part of Peace Day. Ms. Light then sang a sweet song about love with the help of the music students.

To finish Peace Day doves were released, representing togetherness and freedom.

TD’s Peace Day reminded us all to be kind, mindful, loving, empathetic, and grateful. An overall important, uplifting and message.