Fashion: Summer Breeze to Autumn Winds


By: Amber Corbett and Oumou Sarr

Transitioning from fall to summer is always a hard task when it comes to your wardrobe. Some days are warmer than others; however, you don’t want to leave someone asking “What season is it?” as they pass by you. In order to prevent that mishap, there are a few staple items everyone can have in their closet to easily transition from summer to fall in a breeze.

One of the most popular fall trends this year has to be bomber jackets. Many celebrities are pulling this look off and so can you! Also, bomber jackets can go with a lazy day outfit or something a little bit more dressed up. One way to dress up a bomber jacket is to wear it with a skirt. In order to keep it more casual, pair high waisted jeans and some booties or sneakers with the jacket. Of course, whether you want to dress the bomber up or down is a matter of taste and preference.

Another popular fall trend is a chic pair of ankle boots or “booties”. Ankle boots can be worn with most outfits, and can tie a look perfectly. They can be worn with a skirt and tights, or jeans. A good pair of booties can last you a long time, and most importantly, you will look very fashionable in them! We would suggest purchasing a pair of ankle boots, if you are searching for a durable, lightweight, and stylish shoe to wear while transitioning from summer to fall.

Finally, a colorful garment is always essential to your wardrobe when transitioning from summer to fall. Even though summer is over, it is always good to have a colorful yet subtle piece to wear. Blush, cobalt, mustard, and pumpkin shades are perfect for summer-to-fall clothing. They bring out your outfit and can be considered “statement colors”.  If you are looking to rock any of these colors, it is important to pair them with darker, less noticeable one, in order to avoid looking clownish. However, if you are interested in a more muted look, stick to black, gray, khaki, and white. These colors can be transferred throughout the seasons but can make any fall ensemble seem carefree and chic.


Although dressing season to season can be seen as a difficult task, it can be done in the snap of your fingers if you search hard enough in your closet. Culling through your wardrobe to find just the right pieces that are season appropriate is the perfect step.