Teacher Spotlight: Mrs. Richy

By: Cecile Mcintosh, Staff Reporter

A new wave of teachers flood the Little Red School House this year.

Earlier this month, the Overlook Journal got a chance to ask our new kindergarten teacher, Mrs. Richy, about her experience in education and her time at T-D. Here are some of her responses.


Where are you from?

“I’m from Eastchester which is right around the corner.”


Where did you go to college?

“I went to SUNY New Paltz. Then, I transferred to Concordia College where I graduated with a teaching degree. Afterwards, I went to Lehman for my Masters.”


Who inspired you to become a teacher?

“That would have to be my fourth grade teacher. I really admired her and how she worked with the kids. Honestly, I wanted to be just like her.”


How long have you been teaching?

“For the past fourteen years, I have been teaching a mixture of Pre-school, first, and fourth grade.”


What do you enjoy most about teaching a very young age group?

“I really enjoy building my students’ self- esteem. I love helping them to feel proud about themselves.”


Have you ever taught in public school?

“The only time I taught in public school was when I did student teaching in Mount Vernon.”


How did you find out about Thornton- Donovan School?

“Honestly, I googled the best summer camps in the area and this school popped up. I called the office and left my information in case there was a position open for the camp and the school.”


What quality of this school stands out to you?

“I have realized that this school is so close that the student body is like one big family. Furthermore, I love how everyone is willing to help each other.”