The Overlook Journal’s Purpose

The Overlook Journal's Purpose

By: Quincy Campbell, Managing Editor

                I can imagine that you know what the Overlook Journal is, but I’m not too sure you know why it exists. The real purpose of the paper is to introduce you guys to the true power of journalism, something I think doesn’t get much attention.

You see, good journalism should help others learn more about the world around them whether positive or negative. This can be done from school news, news in New Rochelle, the country and other topics that you think are important and that not many people are talking about.

Another thing about high school journalism that no other medium can offer is our perspective. We finally have a platform in which we can talk about things affecting us teens. Things that we care about, whether it may be about social media, music, movies, sports, politics. The possibilities are almost endless.

My job as head is simply to help find a path as a journalist  that best suits your interests and help you along the way, as well as providing stories that might be interesting to investigate. So I look forward to seeing the new faces this year and good luck!