Print edition: Thornton-Donovan’s first sports dinner honors players on new teams

By: Madeline Bramel, Staff Reporter

BRONXVILLE, NY — A dinner party for students and their parents was held on May 29 from 7-9 pm at a local church to give awards to Thornton-Donovan’s athletes.

The Lions Athletic Banquet was for all the athletes that train hard and try hard to do their best in the school’s new sports programs. Some of the best athletes received awards for their work. There were be a lot of people in attendance, around 120 parents and athletes from T-D.

There were different awards for different things people were good at.

In an interview before the dinner, Mr. Steven Schlitten said, “The first set of awards will honor the athletes who showed tremendous academic strength this year, and the other awards will honor the athletes who showed strong athletic abilities.”

There was dinner and then awards for the athletes. Before the banquet, the fifth grade athletes were excited to see who would get the awards. Everyone wants to get an award for being a very good athlete.

Nikki Cuzzi said, “I am excited to see who is getting the awards, and I hope I get one of the awards.”

The sports categories that students won awards in are for the new sports Thornton-Donovan ran this year: boy’s basketball, girl’s basketball, boy’s soccer, tennis and girl’s volleyball.

Marygrace Iannacito said, “I hope that everyone gets an award.”

Nikki added, “It will be fun to watch all the great athletes getting awards and hopefully getting one myself.”

The coaches of the excellent athletes here at Thornton-Donavan included Mr. Schlitten, who coached volleyball and boy’s basketball; Mr. Chapin, who taught girl’s basketball, and Mr. Fawzy, who coached boy’s soccer. These fantastic coaches teach very talented students, and most importantly, excellent athletes.

Extraordinary athletes from Thornton-Donavan showed their importance to the school on May 29. These athletes have worked so hard to win their games and were outstanding in the sports they played and loved a lot.