Print edition: Lower school excited about new grades, teachers, opportunities

By: Ashley Antinou and Sofia Vargas-Arcia

Summer is coming and all the Thornton-Donovan Lower School students are excited to have a new grade, new teachers and new opportunities ahead.

When T-D is on break students and teachers go their separate ways, some kids make a smart choice and stay for T-D’s summer camp called “The Summer Challenge,” which Ms. Annemarie Licnini-Paris is happy to participate in running.

Ms. Annemarie said, “I’m going to miss the students the most this summer because they make me laugh, smile and feel young.”

Many kids and their families will go on vacation to Florida, the Bahamas and other places. Because of the severe winter, some students said they were going to new places. Jaden Seabrook will go to Florida over the summer break and might also be going to camp.

Most students are crazy and enthusiastic about summer break.

Over the break, sometimes students have a packet of school work, which most people are rebelling against.

Madeline Bramel said she doesn’t like the work ”because summer time is for having fun not work.”

The teachers are very exited — maybe more than the kids.

Ms. Virginia Keating, the fifth grade teacher, said, ”I am very exited for summer break.”

Bike rides, pools and camps and other things related to summer are calling students’ names.

But some are not happy to leave their friends for the summer break.

Errol Lipton he said he is both excited but also sad to leave his friends for the summertime.

Other students are anxious to have new teachers and lose their old one. Madeline said she is scared to leave her teacher but is very happy to be in sixth grade.

The fifth graders are very happy to be graduating. They feel proud of what they did in fifth grade and are ready for some new competition in sixth.

In the summer, many students want to show their outstanding talents to all their family and friends. The Lower School students at Thornton-Donovan are just about done with school and are ready for a new year. Hope you have a great summer.