Print edition: Lower school graduation ceremony set for basketball court

By: Nikki Cuzzi, Staff Reporter

BASKETBALL COURT — There will be a graduation ceremony for the Lower School on June 17.

At the ceremony, there will awards for each student in every grade for there personalities and awards for the best grade in each subject. There have been many ceremonies over the years, and this year is Ms. Virginia Keating’s first time setting it up.

Ms. Keating, K-8 director and fifth grade teacher, said planning the graduation is “going well. Mr. Goodman has been a big help.”

The event will be exciting because parents will see their children move up, and the students will feel special because they get an award. Each class will perform there own special performance. For example, the fifth grade class is singing “Saying Goodbye” from the Muppets. Also there will be a whole Lower School performance.

Mr. Alan Goodman, the music teacher, said, ”It is going very well. Most of the classes have learned their individual songs, and now they just have to learn the song they are doing all together. I’m hoping to teach it to them after the Arts House Café…  We might do ‘High Hopes.”’

“I’ve been working closely with Ms. Keating for what time it’s happening and what is happening and setting up all the music,” Mr. Goodman said.

Madeline Bramel, a fifth grader, said that since this is her first time going, she thinks it’s going to be “fun, since at my old school we didn’t have graduation for fifth graders.”

Parents will get to see their children perform and get to see what awards their children won.

Every year, the fifth graders sing the national anthem while holding the flag. Many of the fifth graders are excited to graduate because it means they will be in sixth grade in September. They’re excited because they will get more freedom at school.

Ashley Antoniou said, ”I’m very excited for new experiences, and we’ll have more assembles and all the stuff.”

Lucca Ardizzone-West is not so sure about sixth “because it is fun to do projects in Lower School, and we’ll have a lot of exams and testing. It will be a big jump.”