Lower School visits Scandinavian sites in NY’s Central Park

Nature called, but not in the way you think. The Lower School went to Central Park to have a picnic, watch a puppet show and see the Ugly Duckling statue.

On May 19, Kindergarten through fifth grade traveled to Central Park to see specific places like the Ugly Duckling statue because the school went to Denmark. The students watched a puppet show at Swedish Cottage Marionette Theatre because the school visited Sweden on the same trip.

Before the trip, Ms. Virginia Keating,  the fifth grade teacher, said, ”They have a Hans Christian Anderson Ugly Duckling statue and a Swedish marionette puppet show. We are also having a picnic for lunch.”

Each child had to pay $10 and have a parent sign a permission slip in order to go on the trip.

The Lower School took a bus to Central Park.

“I really have never seen a puppet show before,” said Zoe.

Claire said she wasn’t excited about the puppet show ”but I’m excited to see some big things there.”