Michelle de Angelis will perform at T-D’s first Alumni Arts House Cafe

By: Annie Macphee and Nikki Cuzzi

The Alumni Arts House Café will take place at the White House on May 31.

The alumni café is a special arts house where graduates of T-D will come back and show there talents.

Mr. Fleming, the headmaster, has invited Michelle de Angelis (class of ’98) to sing and play the piano. Other graduated artists have also been invited.

Mr. Fleming said, ”We have been to many Arts House Cafes over the years and many of the people who have played and have talent and have enjoyed staying in touch with us are going to come and perform.”

This is Thornton-Donovan’s first alumni cafe. Students are excited to see how it is and to see the performances.

Mr. Fleming said the event will be ”fun and an opportunity for kids to perform and for kids to leave T-D with a smile.”