Hiroshima visitors perform music that transports T-D students

By: Ashley Antoniou, Staff Reporter

The fifth grade was allowed to go with the sixth through 12th grades to see a performance by The Hiroshima Hougaku Federation.

The fifth graders enjoyed this opportunity to join the Upper School to see and hear the performance. The students were all amazed by the astonishing performance.

I felt like I was in a flower field meditating”

— Lucca Ardizzone-West

The costumes were also amazing.

Fifth grader Nikki Cuzzi said, ”It was amazing and the costumes where cool.”

Many of the students thought the performance was very relaxing.

”I thought I was in a trance,” said Marygrace Iannacito.

Lucca Ardizzone-West said, ”I felt like I was in a flower field meditating.”