Classy meal cooked by feast of a class


Mr. Benoit Van Lesberghe

Francesca DelGais cooked a dish for the feast as Javier Vargas-Arcia looked on.

By: Liam Gorbutt, Staff Reporter

All that could be heard coming from Thornton-Donovan’s Japanese arch-painted White House was laughter, the clinking of glasses and the sizzling of a pan. T-D friends and family met for a night of food, friendship and family on Jan 18.

The event was hosted by the Babette’s Feast class at a price of $40 for adults and $20 for students. A full menu was prepared and overseen by T-D’s expert chef, Mr. Benoit Van Lesberghe, including potatoes, pork tenderloin, green beans and a almond cheesecake.

“I have been to a lot of fundraising dinners in my life, but this had to be one of the best,” said Sharon Gorbutt.

An outstanding number of people attended, a total of 18, and the group overflowed from the already small meditation room into T-D’s music room and grand stairway.

“I feel like we had just the right amount (of people),” said Mr. Van Lesberghe.

Some of the highest points of the night included closing speeches given by Mr. Van Lesberghe, Headmaster Douglas Fleming and some of the attendees of the dinner. Mr. Fleming’s words of integrity and diversity and Mr. Van Lesberghe’s talk about equality caused a roar of applause that could be heard around campus.

“I really liked the speeches,” said patron Finn Fox-Mills. “I feel almost like I’m a different person.”

In an interview, Mr. Fleming said, “As headmaster, I got a real kick out of watching T-D’s teens serve the parent body. Most or all of them are very used to being served. Javier’s parents really helped T-D look better in the kitchen, as all students serving and preparing food wore white jackets purchased by Javier’s parents. Having almost the entire class there on such an horrific day weather-wise was a compliment to Mr. Van Lesberghe–chef extraordinaire.”

Babette’s Feast has been a class taught at Thornton-Donovan for three years. On the school’s website, the course is described as “a study of the history of Danish cuisine, the influence of Scandinavian food on Europe and the traditional recipes of the Nordic countries.”