Glory Days: Remembering the fallen police officers in Brooklyn

By: Naya Brown-Yohay, Staff Reporter

BROOKLYN — The mood changed when the bus arrived at the memorial site for Officer Wenjian Liu and Officer Rafael Ramos. The story of the deaths of the two NYPD officers is devastating.

They were sitting in their car when Ismaaiyl Abdullah Brinsley approached the passenger window of the NYPD patrol car. Ramos, aged 40, and Liu, aged 32, of Brooklyn’s 84th Precinct were both just sitting in the car. Brinsley shot the two policemen multiple times in the head and upper body with a semiautomatic handgun, killing both officers instantly at the scene.

After the Thornton-Donovan bus arrived at the destination, the students stood at the site in silence in remembrance of the two slain police officers. The moment of silence then led to a prayer in recognition of their bravery and service. We shut our eyes in anguish for the deep sorrow we felt. The fact that what they had to go through was so tragic and their families now have to live without them ached the hearts of T-D’s students.

The grief of losing a loved one could only have been compounded by the killer’s indifference. Officers Liu and Ramos will never be forgotten. Those who felt deep remorse spoke on behalf of the officers and explained their distress at the events that occurred on that terrible day. After the memorial, the students headed to lunch, and afterwards boarded the bus for the return to T-D’s campus.