Punta Cana in Dominican Republic offers hot sun, sand, sea and great dining

By: Errol Lipton, Staff Reporter

Punta Cana is in the Dominican Republic, I basked in the hot sun there. I had a great time and have some stories to tell about my time there. The only thing I need to complain about is the airline service, which makes you pay for watching TV or movies, unlike other airlines I’ve taken.

I have been on a lot of trips around the world, including to Israel, Canada, Britain and now the Dominican Republic. It was very hot there, but I knew it was better than living in a house surrounded by snow. On the flight to the country, I was accompanied by Judy Lipton, my loving mother.

My first day there was very fun. I swam in a pool, ate a luxurious dinner and finally got to watch TV and movies. On my second day, I went to the Explorer’s Club to see if it was babyish or not. Turned out, I had a great time. On the third day, I realized it was April Fools (but no one played any pranks in Punta Cana for some reason).

The next day was my parents’ anniversary. The family had a romantic dinner at a fancy Italian restaurant.

I had lots of fun and didn’t want to leave. Sadly, my last day in the amazing resort was the next day. I wasn’t ready to leave, but I’m sure I want to go back.