Valve’s Steam platform brings gamers downloadable games with intriguing stories

By: Errol Lipton, Staff Reporter

For many years, Valve Corp. brought gamers lots of games to play that they could download straight to their computers. Many games from Steam, which is Valve’s software platform, are popular. One of the most popular right now is a long-awaited sequel, a game that does prove Valve can count to three, Half-Life 3.

Games like Half-Life 2, Portal 2 and Team Fortress 2 made people aware of Valve’s problem. The company would make a second game, tell the community they would make another, and then just give up and pay other companies to put their games on Steam.

Aside from this problem, Valve is very successful and influential selling their games. Their games are updated frequently, and they surprise gamers with new games.

One of the games, an all time classic, is Team Fortress 2. The game is set in mid-century 1900s, where a rich man is convinced by his two sons that he should buy a worthless piece of land. The land holds a disease, which kills the rich man.

As he is dying, the man writes a will on his own body, saying the two brothers would have to fight for the land. Both brothers hire nine mercenaries to get the job done. Nobody realizes that the teams were of equal power, so nobody ever wins the ongoing war. You play as one of the mercenaries out of the nine.

Scout is the fastest mercenary and is armed with a gun that scatters the bullets when the trigger is pulled. Soldier is the mercenary who went to boot camp and can use his rocket launcher to propel him into high places. Pyro is very deadly. Why? It’s in his name. He has a flamethrower. He is the only mercenary to be fire resistant, which is very helpful against enemy Pyros.

Demolition Man, or Demoman, uses only explosive weapons. Heavy Weapons Guy, or Heavy, wields a mini-gun (not so mini). The Engineer can build self-firing robots, dispensers which give health and ammunition (ammo if you’re a gamer) and teleporters. Medics can heal other teammates, and after one minute of healing, can become invincible for 10 seconds.

The Sniper has a sniper rifle. Enough said. The Spy, being the hardest mercenary to master, can backstab enemies, destroy Engineers’ buildings and can disguise as enemies. Who do you think is the best hero?

Another Valve classic is Portal 2. The game takes place in the future, where a robot named GLADOS overran the world and uses common everyday people as test subjects for her testing chambers.

Her goal isn’t really to test, though. Her test chambers are deadly. She wants to wipe out the entire human race. You, playing as , the only test subject who can’t talk, have to solve the way to the test chamber exits, until, after so many attempts to kill you, she tries to throw you into a pit of fire. If you escape the pit of fire, you can find her in her own chamber.

After you defeat GLADOS, you escape the laboratories. Valve didn’t think this was enough for players, so they released a way for them to make a sequel to Portal 2, without making a third game, a game related to Portal 2 called Half-Life 2. Half-Life 2 is about aliens overrunning the world. You play as a rebel, Gordon Freeman, who can’t talk, and you fight against the aliens.

Back to Team Fortress 2. If you do have the game, do you want to know how all of these three games are connected? I’ll tell you how: the Pyro is Gordon Freeman. The Pyro only uses homemade weapons like Gordon Freeman, can’t speak  like Gordon Freeman, and is playable like Gordon Freeman. But how and why did Gordon Freeman join the war?

As mentioned, Gordon Freeman is a rebel. In most of the Team Fortress 2 game modes, one team is rebelling against another. For example, in the Tower Control Points game mode, the BLU team (Builders League United) starts out in an underground base and then takes territory from the RED team (Reliable Excavation and Demolition).

Back to Half-Life 2. In the third game, Gordon Freeman finally has a voice: yours. Speak into the microphone to talk with NPCs (Non-Playable Characters). Half-Life 3 is also Oculus Rift compatible.